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"Bridge the spaces between the Peruvian pipes of Inti-Illimani, the tango nuevo of Astor Piazzola and the folk chamber approach of Penguin Cafe Orchestra, and you'd get something like Sotavento. They make a very handsome Pan-American fusion of folk traditions from South and Central America, the jazzier sides of the samba and tango, a little North American jazz and pop, and a little classical music...the more complex weaves of traditional and new styles are both very clever and very pretty...a very full sound that's familiar but with pleasant surprises."

City Paper, Baltimore, Maryland

"Sotavento's music is a testimony to the richness and diversity of Latin American culture. They are one of the few groups who can take many influences, Latin rhythms, jazz and create a fusion of their own. Those accustomed to listening to Latin American music will agree that in every song they play there is a piece that feels like home. Those not familiar with these sounds will want to be taken in..."

Vidal Guzmán, The University of Texas

".... serious and carefully planned, clean in execution, always searching for new sounds in their originals without falling in the trap of spectacular superficiality."

Rene Villanueva, member of Los Folkloristas

"In the tradition of Grupo Aymara, Quilapayún and Inti Illimani, Sotavento is an intoxicating wind from the south, and should be taken in live or on record."

Isthmus Weekly, Madison, WI

"Sotavento composes beautiful music with sensitive lyrics. They have a wonderful sense of rhythm, very nice harmonic coloring, and I enjoy their colorful instrumentation. The individuals blend very well, both technically and musically. They're a tightly knit ensemble."

Vartan Manoogian, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Challenging staid notions of what a folkloric group ought to be."

Isthmus Weekly

"Sotavento is an established example of contemporary Latin American style."

The Oberlin Review, Oberlin, Ohio